Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MeloDrama by Dad and CBoh

I think the Knicks should never made made that Anthony trade 2 years ago next month.  The Donny Walsh Knicks were improving, playing well together, and fun to watch.  Felton was playing great point guard, Chandler looked like the perfect 6th man, and Gallanari like a star in the making.  Suddenly, they were gone, PLUS this year's first round pick, for Anthony and some old men.
This year's Knicks are an obvious train wreck.  Not Melo's fault, but whole game is 3 guys standing around waiting for him or Smith to take some awkward 20 footer.
I also think they should trade Melo NOW since he seems to want to walk at year's end. 

In Defense of Melo:
The NBA is a star driven league, and to win a championship a star player is needed. The only team in recent memory to win a championship without a superstar is the 2004 Detroit Pistons, which was one of the most talented, unselfish starting fives ever assembled. 
And there is no doubt Carmelo Anthony is a superstar and a top-10 player capable of leading a team to the championship.  The Knicks have the star.  It is instead the incompetency of a front office unable to build a suitable roster around him that leads to consistent embarrassment. 
What the Knicks gave up for Carmelo, while all players I like and whose leaving the Knicks upset me, have not proven to be anything but solid role players. Even worse, they were role players who were due to be given pay raises very shortly after being traded.  It would have been impossible to sign Carmelo the following summer and still be able to keep Gallinari (who got four years for 42 million) or Wilson Chandler (who got 5 years for 37 million).  Beyond that, Timofey Mozgov has been proving this season to be a decent rim protecter who is best known for having Blake Griffin leap over him on a monster dunk that is still sometimes played on Sportscenter. Nobody there is winning you a championship. The Nets gave up more to get Deron Williams, who is far more of a selfish, egotistical, me first, coach killing player than Carmelo has ever been. 
The problem with the Knicks is the front office, which has surrounded him with offensive, shoot-first players. It is unfair to label Carmelo selfish or lazy. He has absolutely been carrying the Knicks with Chandler down, putting some heroic performances up. He is the best isolation scorer in the game and a hugely underrated offensive rebounder and passer. The Knicks roster may not be talented enough to challenge the NBA elite, but you cannot blame Melo for anything. Besides, their recent winning streak  has shown that when the Knicks play hard and smart, Carmelo is capable of leading his team unselfishly.