Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Game Plan

"Baseball is continuous, like nothing else among American things, an endless game of repeated summers, joining the long generations of all the fathers and all the sons."

-- Donald Hall

     We are a father and 2 sons, a boomer and 2 millennials, joined in a life-long love of baseball and other sports, despite disagreeing with each other about… nearly everything.
     Would Mickey Mantle be great today?  How about Jim Brown?  Could Bill Bradley even play today?
     Would any 2013 NBA team dominate any1973 team?
     Is baseball too slow?  Football too violent?  Thursday night football one night too many?
     Should college football and basketball be more like college baseball, with minor leagues formed to groom future players?
     SportsCenter… still great or a parody of its former self?
     These are big questions debated in bars and dens across the country, week in and week out, and not just every four years like pointless political talk.
     On this site, we will take on this stuff.  Hence, sports den. 
     And we will look at it all from the perspective of two different generations. Hence, 2gen.
     Welcome to 2gensportsden.