Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Derek Jeter: One Player Worthy of the Man, Myth, Legend Moniker" by Bojo

I grew up as a baseball player in the greater NYC area in the 1990s, so admittedly I’m a bit biased. But Derek Jeter is absolutely one of the legendary Yankees, shortstops, and baseball players ever to lace ‘em up. In an era of baseball now as tarnished (more tarnished realistically) than any other in history, Jeter is not only someone who played the game right, but he did it with pizzazz, flair, and passion that few others could.

Derek Jeter played for the most iconic team, in the biggest city, in a very successful era. And throughout that time, more importantly than stats or other numbers, Jeter managed to produce a number of amazing memories. Not the least of which, was the following:

That was one of the most instinctual, amazing plays ever, and it came in the American League Division Final. Classic Jeter. I say classic Jeter, because unlike a lot of other great players who might produce more numbers or play better defense, Jeter managed to place himself into the legend of baseball, like Babe Ruth "calling" his home run, or Willie Mays catching the no-look ball over his shoulder.

Jeter produced that caliber of baseball moment. From the flip play, to him flying into the stands behind 3rd base (this time in the World Series), Derek Jeter did something that a very rare number of players made, and truly made himself a legend.

At least in the eyes of one generation of baseball fan.