Sunday, March 30, 2014

"The Knicks' Next Moves" by CBoh

Here is what I believe, as a fan, that the Knicks should do to improve their team going forward.
1.  Re-sign Carmelo Anthony.
     Carmelo is a great player and an amazing scorer. What would be a more fitting scenario for the Knicks than if they let him walk only to see him find huge success on a good team and bring a championship to another city.
     I feel Carmelo is in a position that has been seen many times in the NBA before. A score-first player who has began to grow a little sour on his fan base. The media and fans alike are saying that he is not a player who will be able to bring a championship to the city.
     I compare this situation to those of Paul Peirce and Dirk Nowitzki. Both players were in similar situations, taking the blame for the lack of playoff wins for the respective teams. Both players stayed loyal to their teams and when the proper team was built around them were able to lead their teams to championships. Carmelo given the right team around him can absolutely lead the Knicks to a championship, and Phil Jackson is in a position to build that team. Letting him walk would only set the franchise back many years, on account of having one first round pick in the next three years.
2. Fire Mike Woodson.
     While I was a fan of Woodson, he has proven that he’s lost the team and has made way to many mistakes with everything from player development to his rotations.
3. Develop the young talent on the team.
     There is a potential starter in Tim Hardaway Jr. and a very good, athletic swing man (a position that is so important in the NBA today) in Iman Shumpert if his confidence can ever be restored after years of trade rumors and mishandling by Woodson. And keep developing Toure' Murry, who has shown glimpses of being a good backup point guard who always brings energy and defense, although Woodson pulls him at every small mistake.
4. Sign Rajon in 2015.
     While the Knicks are stuck for one more year with the roster they currently have, almost everyone becomes a free agent in 2015. This means that they will have huge cap space in a summer where there will be a lot of great free agents.
     The Knicks #1 priority should be Rajon Rondo. As much as I have hated him on the Celtics, I would love him equally as much on the Knicks. He would be the perfect point guard for a 
Carmelo-led Knicks team. He is a defensive stud and true point guard, two things that are the opposite of Raymond Felton. He can control the offensive perfectly. In fact, he is amazing at running a offense. He could balance getting Carmelo good shots while keeping everyone else in the game.
     And defensively, the Knicks would go from having arguably the worst defensive point guard ever in Raymond Felton to one of the elite defenders in the league. No more point guards penetrating with ease. No more career nights for almost every point guard they play. No more giving up 31 points to the likes of Jarret freakin Jack in must win, maybe season ending losses. Rajon Rondo wouldn’t solve every problem, but he would be the perfect complement to Carmelo Anthony.